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We inspire and train high-performing individuals and teams to achieve success.



After the pandemic, a new, more human world was born, with new drivers that brought phenomena such as the high number of resignations of talents or the shortage of top-quality talents.


What are we doing to build an employer brand image that is attractive to recruit and retain the best people?


At DOKO Consulting, we actively experience transformations, enjoying and embracing those changes. We transform, create, and motivate high-performing teams. We love to lead changes.


We have the knowledge, the experience and the know-how. We encourage you to live and work on these changes that will be transformational in your life and professional activities.

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How WE Can Help You

Services for companies or professionals:


  • Individual coaching sessions will allow you to get to know yourself and exploit your potential to the fullest in your field of work as an entrepreneur or professional, or leader of a company.

  • Workshops and team building and soft skills programs to achieve transformations in your work groups.

  • Development of new communication tools at an individual and team level.

  • Redesigning organizational culture and values.

  • Assisting teams and their members in situations involving change (adversity).

  • Organizational climate management - Actions to attract and retain talents (actions to improve engagement).

  • Upskilling and reskilling in soft skills.

  • Avoid talent drain, developing a methodology tailored to your company. 

  • Know at all times the morale of your employees and teams through an employee experience mapping and monitoring.

  • Develop talent mapping and self-sustaining replacement charts.

  • Foster a diverse work culture that allows for a more inclusive and productive organization.

  • Work on internal programs for growth (job posting), development and mentoring of new leaders originating from the company's culture.


At the sports level:


  • Workshops to develop the mental toughness of teams and players.

  • Develop the management of emotions of the youngest players on and off the field.

  • Work with the team to develop values (respect, punctuality, commitment, mental training for emotion management).

  • Work on the frustrations of teams undergoing structural changes and modifications that do not allow them to evolve as a team.

  • Upskilling and reskilling in soft skills regarding leadership on and off the field.


At a personal and family level:


  • Assisting a family or its members through workshops in situations involving change (adversity) such as moving, relocation, loss of a loved one, etc.

  • Accompany at an individual level people who want to change their lifestyle, through individual personal coaching sessions.

  • Provide personal support to athletes or professionals who wish to exploit their potential within their activity.

  • Work to get out of a level of physical and mental stagnation, which does not allow you to achieve what you want to accomplish.

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